These Are The World’s Most Liveable Cities in 2021

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The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index is out with a list of the most liveable cities in 2021. And, it has ranked Auckland in New Zealand in the number 1 spot globally. 

One of the major reasons Auckland is on the first spot is all thanks to New Zealand’s success in containing the pandemic quickly.

The pandemic has affected the entire world and while some countries are still trying to grapple with the situation, other countries have already declared victory against the novel coronavirus. And, this has greatly impacted every cities’ global ranking. 

Before, we tell you which cities made it to the top 10 list, know that 5 factors play a key role in the ranking- stability (25%), healthcare (20%), culture and environment (25%), education (10%), and infrastructure (20%).  

Okay, so now that you know the criteria that each city was judged on,

here are the top 10 most livable cities in the world in 2021: 

1. Auckland, New Zealand (96.0)

Auckland is New Zealand’s economic hub and it also attracts international students as it is home to renowned universities. 

Auckland, New Zealand

2. Osaka, Japan (94.2)

Osaka in Japan is known for its modern architecture, nightlife and delicious street food. It is also Japan’s economic hub. 

Osaka, Japan

3. Adelaide, Australia (94.0)

In 2019, Adelaide was in 10th position but now it has bagged the 3rd spot on the list. Adelaide is Australia’s largest city that is known for its sports events, high standard of living (as compared to other cities) and festivals. 

Adelaide, Australia

4. Wellington, New Zealand (93.7)

New Zealand’s capital, Wellington is an IT hub. Wellington is also home to the busiest airport in the world.

Wellington, New Zealan

5. Tokyo, Japan (93.7)

Tokyo has also bagged the 4th spot on the 2021 Global Liveability Index report. Apart from being the economic and political center of Japan, it is also the largest urban economy in the world in terms of GDP.

6. Perth, Australia (93.3)

Perth is Australia’s most populous city and yet it has managed to rank sixth on the annual most livable cities list. It is also home to four leading research universities and is a notabe tourist spot. 

Brisbane, Australia

7. Zurich, Switzerland (92.8)

Zurich has been ranked at the 7th spot. It is a global center for banking and finance. 

 Zurich, Switzerland

8. Geneva, Switzerland (92.5)

The second most populous city in Switzerland, Geneva, is ranked 8th on the list. It is considered a financial and global center for diplomacy. 

9. Melbourne, Australia (92.5)

Melbourne is known for its cultural heritage and in 2019 it was in the second spot. Now, it has tied with Geneva at 8th spot

10. Brisbane, Australia (92.4)

Brisbane in Australia is known for its modern architecture, cuisine and outdoor dining. It is also a popular tourist destination. 

Brisbane, Australia

The world’s least liveable cities include Tripoli, Karachi, Harare, Douala and Caracas.