COD Mobile: 5 most followed YouTubers who stream the game

Dinith Perera
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There are different players in every competitive game. The same goes for games like COD Mobile. Some players play the game casually, while others want to improve and become better at it. Some want to build a career around competitive games, but only a few become the very best at these games.

1. iFerg

Luke Fergie (born September 7, 1999 [age 21]), better known as iFerg, is a YouTuber known for his content that he uploads to YouTube on Call of Duty: Mobile, Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, Cyber Hunter, and Clash Royale. He is also a founder of an association known as Tribe Gaming for mobile gaming esports. This is his most-watched video. 

Also, his first video as Streamed live on Oct 1, 2019,

By January 2021, he has a channel with 1.73M subscribers


A smartphone gamer born and raised in Jamaica, Yanrique Wright runs this YouTube channel named after himself. Most of the time, he plays mobile games, including PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, and offers a lot of enjoyable content as well as tips and tricks. His channel is certainly worth checking out if you’re looking to boost your COD Mobile game.


Anonymous YT produces great content for COD Mobile, but the identity of the person who runs the channel is unknown. Whoever runs the channel is a great COD player, though, and seems to be very fond of the game’s zombie mode.

4.Bobby Plays

Another famous YouTuber who uploads a lot of content related to COD Mobile is Bobby Plays. While he plays COD mainly, he considers himself a smartphone gamer and has also tried a few other games. On his page, however, you will mostly find fantastic COD streams, along with funny moments and relatable memes.


HawksNest is a channel run by Elijah Jackson on YouTube. HawksNest is nothing less than an expert, with many COD Mobile videos on the app as well as a website dedicated to COD content. 

On his website, to help you perform better the next time you play, you can find exhaustive lists and reviews of different features, such as weapons and charts, in the game.

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