Deadliest Computer Viruses of All Time

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Getting a bug went on to several users in some fashion or another. To most, it’s simply a light inconvenience, requiring a cleanup then installing that antivirus program that you’ve been aiming to install but never got around to.

However, in other cases, it are often an entire disaster, together with your computer turning into a really expensive brick which which no amount of antivirus can protect.

In this list, we’ll highlight a number of the worst and notorious computer viruses that have caused tons of injury in real world . And since people usually equate general malware like worms and trojan horses as viruses, we’re including them also . These malware have caused tremendous harm, amounting to billions of dollars and disrupting critical real world infrastructure.


A year after the Melissa virus ( ANOTHER MOST DANGEROUS VIRUS) hit the web , a digital menace emerged from the Philippines. Unlike the Melissa virus, this threat came within the sort of a worm — it had been a standalone program capable of replicating itself. It bore the name ILOVEYOU.

The ILOVEYOU virus ab initio traveled the net by e-mail, rather like the asterid dicot genus virus. the topic of the e-mail aforementioned that the message was a billet doux from a secret admirer. associate attachment within the e-mail was what caused all the difficulty. the initial worm had the file name of LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs. The vbs extension pointed to the language the hacker accustomed produce the worm: Visual Basic

According to anti-virus software package producer McAfee, the ILOVEYOU virus had a largevary of attacks:
  • I love virus derived itself many times and hid the copies in many folders on the victim’s drive..
  • it added new files to the victim’s written account keys.
  • that replaced manytotally differenttypes of files with copies of itself.
  • this virus sent itself through web Relay Chat shoppersyet as e-mail.
  • It downloaded a file known as WIN-BUGSFIX.EXE from the web and dead it. instead of fix bugs, this program was a password-stealing application that e-mailed secret info to the hacker’s e-mail address.

Who created the ILOVEYOU virus? Some assume it absolutely was Onel First State Guzman of the Philippines. Filipino authorities investigated First State Guzman on charges of felony — at the time the Philippines had no pc spying or sabotage laws. Citing an absence of proof, the Filipino authorities born the fees against First State Guzman, WHO would neither make sure nor deny his responsibility for the virus. in keeping with some estimates, the ILOVEYOU virus caused $10 billion in damages.

Now that the love fest is over, let’s take a glance at one in all the foremost widespread viruses to hit the online

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