SEE: Drake Posted Hentai on Instagram Story Promote Album Her Loss With 21 Savage

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Hello, welcome to the end of the week. I’m here to send you off into the night with the news that rapper Drake has posted a bunch of anime porn, aka hentai on his main Instagram account. The account has 124M followers, for the record, which is more than the entirety of Crunchyroll’s viewership in 2021. The porn is seemingly part of his marketing push for his new album “Her Loss.” Just one more thing the rapper has done recently that’s caught the eyes of the internet and made a lot of folks stop and go “…What? Why?”

Let’s take a quick detour before we hop straight into the hentai posting to provide some context. Today, Drake released a new collaborative album with 21 Savage. To help promote Her Loss, the new record, Drake and 21 Savage have been on a wild whirlwind marketing blitz complete with a fake promo for a non-existent NPR Tiny Desk Concert starring the duo and a completely fabricated Vogue cover. Weird stuff! But last night, Drake decided to take his marketing of Her Loss to a whole new level, and uh…just posted straight-up anime porn on his main, official Instagram.

As of 6:15 EST p.m. the photos are still up on his Instagram story. He posted four different hentai images last night accompanied with various English captions, including “Mood at midnight” and “Goodbye my dear husband.” Enough posts, in other words, that the porn doesn’t seem to be a mistake from a random image he found or something. Here is a censored look at the images: