Fortnite season 7 brings Superman, Rick and Morty and an alien invasion
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The latest season of popular battle royale game Fortnite launched on Tuesday, unleashing an alien invasion on the island. Chapter 2 Season 7, dubbed Invasion, brings a new science-fiction them and some exciting crossover characters, most notably Superman and Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.

“Alien forces have invaded the Island while Doctor Slone leads the Imagined Order against them,” reads a tweet from the official Fortnite account. “Team up with Guggimon, Rick Sanchez, Kymera, and more as the cosmic war rages.”

How to get Rick and Morty Fortnite Skin

A lot of readers are excited to know about the Rick Sanchez Fortnite skin. Since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is all about science fiction and aliens, Rick Sanchez might prove to be a popular character in-game for many players. To unlock most Fortnite skins, a player should have the Battle Pass. The Rick Sanchez Fortnite Skin can be unlocked once a player reaches level 90. A player can either spend V-Bucks or earn Battle Stars to reach that level. Once done, go to Page 10 of Battle Star System, and purchase the Rick Sanchez Fortnite skin for 9 battle stars. Once purchased, a player can equip it as and when needed.

Rick Sanchez location in Fortnite

If a reader wishes to see or talk to Rick Sanchez in the game, they can do it  It also rewards the player with some experience points. To find Rick Sanchez in Fortnite, head on to what seems like Rick’s lab, which is situated at the top of a cliff, East of Weeping Woods. Talking to Rick Sanchez in the game is also one of the quests. A player shall not have any difficulty finding the location, as it can clearly be seen from the top and has a huge dish that emits red light. Rick is located on the 1st floor of his lab. 

How to get Superman Skin

Players will have to wait 65 days to unlock Superman as his cosmetics can’t be purchased until August 12. His set will still need to be purchased with Battle Stars, and players should have plenty racked up by then. However, Superman’s full set is pretty extensive.

As seen below, Superman’s entire set consists of 11 different pieces. Like the Tony Stark skin, Clark Kent is the base skin players will need to unlock. Afterward, they can purchase different styles including the Superman costume. The second Superman style is called Shadow Superman.

How to get the Superman skin in Fortnite Season 7

The Superman skin in Fortnite also comes with a Back Bling and pickaxe. To top it all off, Superman has a special cape that only he can wear. This cape also acts as a glider that allows him to fly into battle. While he may look like the man of steel, he’s still very susceptible to taking damage from bullets, laser beams, and even vehicles.

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