This company sells jeans that make you look like you pissed yourself

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Is this the real deal? Yes, absolutely. Wet Pants Denim is a real firm that will sell you a pair of jeans that make you look like you just pissed your pants. New jeans will set you back $75, but you can give them your old ones and they’ll piss-stain them for $30.“In an effort to reach a wider client base and do our part to prevent textile pollution, we’re pleased to deliver the imagery of actual urine incontinence on a pair of jeans you already possess, at a fraction of the cost,” according to their website.

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According to the company’s CEO, there is a group of people who are obsessed with the look of peed-in pants! And, though I completely accept the decision, I can’t seem to resonate with it. But, hey, the fashion and lifestyle industry is full of wonders, and for every bizarre piece of apparel that requires a cocked head, there is always someone who appreciates its beauty.

Someone posted images of the pants on Twitter too, here is the original post. 

And, here is how people reacted to it.