Metro Exodus :review

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  • What is it? A post-apocalyptic first-person shooter.
  • Expect to pay $50/£50
  • Developer 4A Games
  • Publisher Deep Silver
  • Reviewed on GTX 1080, Intel i5-6600K, 16GB RAM
  • Multiplayer None
  • Link Official site
  • Buy it Epic Store

This is the only series of games I have ever played where the next installment is better than the last. Normally, this is not the case, but Metro is a no ordinary game. The story really makes you feel a part of Artyom’s family. Over the course of the series you bond with Artyom’s mates in a way that feels closer than family. You care about everyone’s well being and you want to play through the story to make sure everyone remains safe. Not only that, but the development of each and every individual character is wonderful. There’s a lot of depth to them and you hear it in random conversations when you stumble upon them or smoke with them on the train ride. Hearing every word that everyone has to say any time really does mean a lot.

The Soundtrack. I can not justify verbally how incredible the soundtrack is for this game. The emotion, the feeling, the atmosphere, the intensity is something that sounds like it was composed by a supernatural deity who knew music better than any human composer. The soundtrack perfectly harmonizes with the atmosphere of the game and setting that you find yourself in.

I honestly cannot get enough of this series. One of the few 10/10 games I would say that is more than deserving of that rating.


In METRO EXODUS, the main character Artyom is still living in the subways of Moscow with his wife, Anna, and what many believe are the last remaining humans on Earth after the remnants of a war has devastated the world and unleashed a plague of mutated creatures. But when Artyom inadvertently learns that there may actually be life in the rest of the outside world, he, Anna, and the members of Spartan squad take a trip to the Wasteland to make contact. You’ll spend time wandering around massive, open world environments, frequently getting into gun fights with survivors and mutants. Players will be able to scrounge around for supplies and other helpful items, and can even modify their equipment to have a better chance at survival. That’s vital, because equipment is extremely limited: bullets are in short supply, and much of the world has been reduced to rubble. Cobbling together the gear you need to survive is the only way to lead your squad through the hazards of the wasteland to discover what’s truly going on in this massive adventure.

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