Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner: Relationship Timeline Explained

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner: From co-stars to lovers to friends, their relationship timeline explained! Grab some popcorn!

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The world of celebrity relationships often captures the public’s imagination, and one such duo that commanded attention during their time together was Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Their romance, though short-lived, left a lasting impact on both their lives and the hearts of their fans. In this article, we will explore the relationship timeline of Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, tracing their journey from co-stars to lovers and eventually friends.

Co-Stars: Meeting on the Set of “Valentine’s Day” (July 2009)

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner found themselves cast together in the romantic comedy "Valentine's Day."

In July 2009, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner found themselves cast together in the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day.” The film provided the backdrop for their initial encounter, and the on-screen chemistry between them soon sparked rumors of a real-life connection.

Relationship Rumors Surface (September 2009)

As Swift and Lautner spent more time together both on and off the set, speculation about their romantic involvement grew. News outlets and fans alike became captivated by the idea of “Taylor Squared,” as they were affectionately dubbed, and the potential for a blossoming love story.

Confirmation and MTV VMA Controversy (September 2009)

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner mtv

During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Lautner presented an award to Taylor Swift. However, their moment in the spotlight was overshadowed by Kanye West’s interruption of Swift’s acceptance speech, causing a media frenzy. Lautner’s presence at the event served as confirmation of their relationship and thrust them further into the public eye.

Public Appearances and Paparazzi Attention (October 2009)

As their relationship grew, Swift and Lautner were frequently spotted together in public. Paparazzi captured their outings and fans eagerly followed their every move, speculating about their love story and hoping for glimpses of their blossoming romance.

Swift’s SNL Monologue and Lautner’s Defense (November 2009)

In November 2009, Taylor Swift hosted “Saturday Night Live” and playfully addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with Taylor Lautner during her opening monologue. Lautner, in a subsequent SNL appearance, defended Swift against Kanye West’s VMA incident, highlighting their connection and loyalty to one another.

“Back to December”: A Musical Apology (October 2010)

Swift’s album “Speak Now,” released in October 2010, featured the poignant track “Back to December.” The song is widely believed to be an apology to Lautner for their breakup, reflecting on the end of their relationship and Swift’s regret. The emotional lyrics resonated with fans, adding another layer of depth to their story.

Post-Breakup Friendship and Continued Support (2010 and Beyond)

Despite their romantic split, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner remained on good terms and maintained a strong friendship. Swift referred to Lautner as one of her best friends and expressed gratitude for his support during the creation of her “Speak Now” album. Their ability to transition from lovers to friends showcased their maturity and respect for one another.

Reunion and Continued Friendship (July 2023)

In July 2023, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner surprised fans during Swift’s Eras tour by reuniting onstage. Lautner’s energetic performance was followed by a heartfelt embrace between the two, symbolizing their enduring connection and the special bond they share. Swift’s inclusion of Lautner in her music video for “I Can See You” further emphasized their enduring friendship.


The relationship between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner was a whirlwind romance that left an indelible mark on both their personal lives and their careers. From their initial meeting on the set of “Valentine’s Day” to their public acknowledgment at the MTV Video Music Awards, their story captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Despite their eventual breakup, they managed to navigate the transition from lovers to friends, showcasing their mutual respect and genuine affection for one another.

As Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner continue their respective journeys in the spotlight, their relationship timeline serves as a testament to the complexity of human connections. It reminds us that even amidst the challenges of fame, genuine friendships can emerge and endure. The story of Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner is not only a tale of romance but also one of personal growth, resilience, and unwavering support.


When did Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner meet?

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner first met in July 2009 on the set of the film “Valentine’s Day,” where they both had roles as co-stars.

How long were Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner in a relationship?

Swift and Lautner’s relationship was relatively short-lived, lasting from approximately September to December 2009.

Did Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner confirm their relationship?

Yes, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner confirmed their relationship during their appearance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, where Lautner presented an award to Swift. However, their time together was also frequently speculated upon in the media.

What song did Taylor Swift write about Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Swift wrote the song “Back to December” about Taylor Lautner. The song, which appears on Swift’s album “Speak Now,” reflects on their breakup and expresses Swift’s regrets.