Top 5 Secret Places in PUBG

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Playing PUBG  without knowing where to hide and look for loot can be messy. Not only will your character die the second you land, but you will also have a hard time ranking up to Ace. You wouldn’t want to be called a noob by your friends right? From targeting enemies on top of a tower, and a cave filled with airdrops, below are the top 5 pubg secret spots excellent for hiding and weapon hunting:

1. Hidden cave filled with airdrops, Vikendi

pubg secret spots

It’s located north of Podvosto and appears as a hidden cave with a high ceiling. In order to get in, you need to break down the barricade, which looks like a rock. Gaining access into the cave involves driving any car you can get in the game at full speed towards that rock and smashing it to smithereens.

Inside, you will see lots of red drop boxes. The cave is an airdrop galore and eye candy to players because you can choose your armor and weapons from the best of the best. All the weapons from the airdrop will already be here.

2. Like a monkey hiding on a tree, Erangel

Like a monkey hiding on a tree, Erangel

With your parachute, you can land on top of an apartment, next to which stands a tall tree. It’s better to prepare yourself with weapons before proceeding to this next move. From the apartment, you can jump on the tree to get to its top.

Once you get up there, be wary of your movement as you can fall easily and hurt yourself. Make sure you have a first aid kit with you. This place works best if the final circle is around this area, because you can shoot your enemies from the tree.

Like a monkey hiding on a tree, Erangel

3. Snipe unsuspecting enemies from a tall tower, Erangel

Like a monkey hiding on a tree, Erangel

This next secret hideout is located near Novorepnaye. Near the hill, you will see a big tower that you have to climb to get the perfect view of the landscape.

There is a supporting beam that you can get onto and climb as high as you want, which provides the ideal vantage point to target your enemies. It’s quite impossible for people to notice you, but be careful not to fall as your character will suffer from serious injury.

4. A cave with useful weapons , Miramar

Miramar is essentially a desert island map, and it requires different tactics to play in such a big area. Killing sprees might be impossible because the space is too large. Therefore, a cool spot in Miramar unknown to most people is near Los Leones. This is because it’s not really noticeable, and on the map, it looks like an unmarked mine. Once you land there, you will find high powered scopes, AKM, M416, G36C etc. It’s a pretty cool spot for looting and hiding from enemies

5. Hiding on top of computers, Erangel

This place doesn’t really have much high grade weaponry, but it is useful as a hideout from your enemies, so you can spring a surprise when they least expect it. On the map, it’s located on the Southern island near the Sosnovka Military Base. This place is convenient and valuable only when the timing is right. So, if the final circle is around this area, then it will surely benefit you. When you see a cluster of computers, like in the picture below, you can climb on top of them and reach the ledge, providing the perfect hiding spot. The only people who are going to find you are the bots who are programmed to do so.

so what’s your this pubg secret spots ??