UPLOAD :A sharp and hilarious new comedy

Read Time:2 Minute, 3 Second
  • Premiere date: May 1, 2020
  • Cast: Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards
  • Network: Amazon Prime Video
  • Genre: Comedy
  • TV rating: TV-MA
  • Available on: Streaming
  • IMDB : 8.2


From the creator of The workplace comes transfer, a art movement dark comedy that provides a glimpse of what heaven may like within the not-so-distant future. It’s 2033, and Nora full general (Andy Allo) may be a client service representative for the Horizen Lakeview computer game building, one among the additional luxurious VR hotels out there for folk to measure in digital eternity. once Nathan Brown, (Robbie Amell) a twenty-something l. a. computer user, is uploaded to Lakeview when being concerned during a self-driving automotive crash in l. a. , Nora is assigned to him as his “angel” and gently tries to guide his transition into cyber heaven. It’s a pleasant place, however Nathan’s activities ar restricted by Lakeview’s strict rules, and by his still-living girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), World Health Organization is funding his hereafter in hopes of connexion him later. Meanwhile, his new digital friend Luke (Kevin Bigley) continues to inform him of however dysfunctional their artificial lives ar. But Nora, World Health Organization desires to qualify for associate worker discount, goes out of her thanks to support her new consumer. She shortly finds herself obtaining additional involved Nathan than expected, and uncovers info that means that her new client’s death might not are accidental.

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“This was honestly a great show, the comedy is nice, the romance is cute, the plot thickens as the episodes go by and the climax was shocking. The end was a really huge cliff hanger which makes you want to watch the next season right away to find out what happens. I didn’t give it 5 because there were moment in like Episode 6 and 7 where the pace felt slow. Other than that it is a new story, new concept in a new world. The truth hurts can be said for the poor people that is shown properly here. Like if you don’t have money you are limited to choices but if you are rich, you have a variety to choose from even in death. The characters of the workplace superior and colleagues felt so real as that’s what really happens in Offices.”

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