‘Every Breath’ (Nicholas Sparks) detailed book review.

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  • Originally published: June 26, 2018
  • AuthorNicholas Sparks
  • Genres: Novel, Romance novel, Contemporary romance, Domestic Fiction

Every Breath my 1st read of the famous author Nicholas Sparks, Captured my heart and soul. Based on a true story the story unveils in the beautiful coast of North Carolina.

 Tru Walls in his early forties is a safari guide in Zimbabwe. He accidentally visits North Carolina when he receives a letter from his Biological father. Sparks continues to unveil the beauty of the bush with the beautiful sceneries and wildlife. On the other hand Hope Anderson in her late thirties , comes to Sunset Beach to sell her parents cottage.

Scottie, Hope’s pet dog meets with an unfortunate accident which leads to the meeting of Tru and Hope. Tru falls head over heels for Hope at first sight. Kindred spirit a mailbox filled with all sorts of letters……. Letters of love and even letters based on different relationships we come across in life. Tru becomes lucky enough to visit kindred spirit with Hope, where they share a magical moment. A week pass by as Hope’s boyfriend Josh enters the story while Tru leaves back to Zimbabwe.

Marriage to Josh leaves hope with two kids yet alone a divorce. Back in Zimbabwe Tru almost dies by a tragic accident… but is saved by this undying love.After the divorce Hope moves back to Sunset Beach in Carolina to help herself with her mental health and visits kindred spirit once more and leaves a letter with great hope of meeting Tru.Tru finds his way back to Kindred spirit by having to get to know about the letter accidentally said by a tourist couple.


Tru returns to America and unexpectedly finds Hope at his visit to kindred spirit. This book is a great example to prove to the reader that the one created for you will always be yours. And that age, status or nationality is all overpowered when it comes to the bond which is shared with Love. L-O-V-E….four letters that means so much that it makes two souls one. A debut novel where dating and love collides. Sparks, Every Breath is a must read with a cozy cuddle and a cup of coffee.

Reading this book made me wanna visit kindred spirit one day… to write down my feelings for that special one in my heart. Every Breath transports you to a world of Romance and makes you feel the heat of the summer sun. Based on a true story this is a must read. DON’T MISS IT!!