Logan Paul believes he can beat Mike Tyson: ‘He’s old old’

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With the boxing world still stunned by YouTuber Logan Paul going the distance with one of the best of all time in Floyd Mayweather, the attention has turned to who he could take on next – and ‘iron’ Mike Tyson could very well be in the cards.

Having taken Mayweather to the limit in their exhibition, Logan Paul has been on top of the world. Along with his brother, Jake, the YouTube duo continues to make headlines with their boxing shenanigans.

As Jake Paul readies for his next fight with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, the conversation has shifted back to Logan and his next possible opponent.

During his latest IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan explained that he was down to take on anyone and everyone, regardless of age or size.

“Someone mentioned Mike Tyson,” Logan said with a shifty grin on his face. “How funny is that. One great at a time?”

A fight with Mike Tyson could make some major waves, especially seeing as he returned from retirement in 2020 to take on Roy Jones Jr. in a controversial exhibition fight.

“My lawyer mentioned it,” Paul added and proceeded to imitate him. “He’s like ‘no, Tyson would rip your head off, you don’t stand a chance.’ I just went through all this!”

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Logan does make a good point. Many expected him to get knocked out by Floyd Mayweather in their fight, but he managed to go the whole match without ever being knocked down once, let alone knocked out.

“You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson!” he exclaimed. “He’s old, old.”