Top 10 Saddest TV Series Finales

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Sometimes you don’t realize how much a TV series means to you until it’s over. But by the last episode, it tends to hit you that you’ll have nothing to watch from the next day. The show’s characters become too close to home and it totally feels like you’re losing a part of yourself when it ends.         

So, here are some of the most emotional finales of your favorite shows that made you bitter cry : 

1. Friends

Over the course of 10 years, the Friends gang almost felt like family and the show’s end felt too sad for reality. However, since all of them seemed ready to move on, it did give us fans a certain kind of closure. 

friends final scene

2. The Big Bang Theory

After 12 years, Sheldon finally matured and dedicated his Nobel Prize speech to his best friends who carried him through thick and thin. This moment was followed by the gang eating Chinese food and hanging out in the old apartment just like old times. 

3. Breaking Bad

This show was perfect and that is why its ending was the saddest. While Jesse finally drove off into freedom, Walter bled out surrounded by his true love – the cook.     

4. Schitt’s Creek 

We all knew that the Rose family will have to move out someday. But finally, after the beautiful wedding of David and Patrick, saying goodbye to them and everyone from the lovely town of Schitt’s Creek was a bittersweet feeling. 

5. How I Met Your Mother

To see Ted finally get to be with the love of his life after all the waiting and then have her taken away so soon was too much to bear for us fans.

how i met your mother final scene

6. The Office 

Almost everyone got their happily ever after in the finale and we even got to see Michael Scott’s little cameo for Dwight’s wedding. It all felt happy and sad all at the same time. 

The Office final scene

7. Lost 

Though we were happy to see the couples in the show reunite what hit us the most was when Vincent laid next to Jack, exactly the way it was showed in the first episode. This made it a full circle. 

8. BoJack Horseman 

Even though the show was animated, it gave us insight into some harsh realities that totally made us see things differently. In the finale, BoJack finally shows his vulnerable side and talks to all of his friends about growth and change moreover making us realize how everyone is dealing with their own pressures in

BoJack Horseman final scene

9. Scrubs

This finale was all about some happy tears. While the cast bid their final goodbyes we also get to see a flash-forward montage of milestones in every character’s lives and how well they are doing. A full closure indeed. 

saddest endings in tv shows

10. Modern Family  

After 11 years of watching this extended family share a remarkable bond, the series ends with them literally holding on to each other one last time. The scene was not just for them but for us fans as well that we can finally let them move on.