Top 10 Best Animes For Beginners

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Hello, Guys welcome back to GEEKS.LK. This is my first article here. In this article, I’ll tell you about the best Anime Series for beginners, if you want to watch Anime.

So a question must be rising on your heads “What’s an anime”. Well, let me explain. Anime is a Japanese Animation Style that mainly focuses on hand-drawing and is processed on computer graphics. Almost, Every Anime is based on its Source Material i.e. Manga. Manga is a comic book or graphic book that is mainly originated from Japan.

If you want to start a journey into the world of Anime, sink right in.

Your Name 

Your Name aired on 26 August in 2016. Now it is considered as the third highest grossing anime next Demon slayer Movie and spirited away. 

This movie is about two teenagers that met by changing their bodies with each other. Later on, the movie shows that these two are connected with each other with a red string of fate. With packing funny romance, the duo is very popular in the anime community. It is a perfect way to start watching anime. Because of the beautiful scenery in this movie it is really breathtaking to watch. 

Weathering with you/ Tenki no ko 

This movie is Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie. He is also the creator of Your Name. So, the art styles are the same yet a fantastic movie. Throughout the move there are some breadcrumbs about the couple in Your Name. Getting a  somewhat closure to the Your Name as an Easter egg.

TenkI no ko is also a romance yet also sci-fi fantasy movie. This movie is also a tear breaker. This movie is about a boy who ran away to Tokyo. After, he fell in love with a girl who seems to control the weather. It is really fun to watch and also the soundtrack is out of this world. It really captures the moment.

Silent Voice /Shape of Voice 

This movie was also aired in 2016. This movie touched everyone’s hearts with a single watch. Because, this movie is so realistic and some are related. To be honest, this movie changed how to interact with people. 

Silent Voice is a depressing movie with a sweet love story between a girl who can’t hear and a normal yet a bully. This movie really shows that people can change and should not bully the weak. With that kind of a theme, this movie is a masterpiece along with Your Name. And the beautiful graphics and the environment conveys much more than speaking. If you are considering this movie you should probably prepare some tissues. 

Sword Art Online / SAO

This one is also a great way to start off watching anime. With a total of 4 seasons and a movie and another movie to be released is one the turning point in the anime community. It is also considered as the first isekai (travel or trapped in another world) anime franchise. 

This franchise starts with 10,000 people trapped in a virtual reality video game also known as vrmmo. To get out they have to defeat all the bosses. Then came Kazuto in the game known as Kirito in this game he was the best player. Along with meeting Asuna, they fell in love. With that kind of packing romance and also with some epic fights, this one has some unique features that do not come out of some anime.

This anime is also highly recommended to watch if you like to watch Fantasy romance and comedy.


This anime is also a one of a kind to watch. With a variety of characters this anime series comes out of top on comedy. This anime also did some numbers on this community. 

This anime isn’t a romantic one. But, filled with freaking funny moments. And also fun to watch. This is also a isekai franchise just like SAO. This one starts off with Kazuma, our main character, dying and getting reincarnated to another world of adventures. This guy is one to watch. Along comes Aqua, a archpriest  and also the god of water ,  Megumin a cute loli ( a cute yet can’t judge their age by looking) who loves to explode things and Darkness a crusader who loves to get hurt, basically a masochist. In this one we get to see how they try to defeat the Demon Lord . With fun and crazy characters this anime is one to watch.


This anime takes place in a world that turned into stone. This anime is educational yet full of comedy.

One day a mysterious energy wave turned all of humans to stone which led to 3,700 years into the future when a brilliant teenager Ishigami Senku ” woke up. In this story we get to see he tries to revive everyone in this world. It is fun to watch if you like science or either you can enjoy the series. 


This series is a time travel related movie. It is a most underrated anime in the past decade. 

This story takes place with 27yrs old Satouru Fujinuma. Who can travel to certain places when there is going to be a death or an accident he called it revival. After a gruesome murder of his mother by a killer in his apartment, he travels back to his childhood where it all began. This 12 episode series also has a live action on Netflix. 

If you are a fan of time travel you should consider this one to watch first.


Anohana is  a romance anime yet very satisfying. This series had a huge impact on its viewers.

This story is a about a ghost girl (Menma)  that wants to give happiness to everyone that she didn’t say goodbye whenever died by showing up to her favourite person Jinta Yadomi that she say “ I love you it’s the I want to marry you type of I love you” in the last moments. This 11 episode is a joyride of tears. 

Demon Slayer 

This series was aired in 2019 with a total of 24 episodes and a movie that was released a few months ago. If you like something with action and breathtaking animations you should consider this one. 

This franchise starts with Kamado Tanjiro’s family being murdered and turning his sister to a demon. But, his sister was different from other demons. With his sister he seeks for revenge for his family and a way to change his sister back to normal. To do that he needed skills to defeat other demons. So, he joined the Demon corps that kills demons.

Attack on Titan 

 Attack On Titan is one of the most popular due to its incredible first season, with many referring to it as the Game of Thrones of anime due to its intense and graphic plot. The series is set in an apocalyptic future in which humanity hides behind a walled city in order to keep out the Titans, who are these giant creatures that feed on humans. With a mind blowing story this anime stands on top of the chain. 

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