Fortnite season 5 : The Mandalorian and hunters from other realities

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Fortnite’s season 5 started Wednesday after a spectacular event to end its fourth season. Developer Epic Games took down the popular battle royale game for part of Tuesday, and players waited to see what was coming next to Fortnite.  

Zero Point is the title for Fortnite season 5 and features a cast of hunters from different realities. The star of the season is The Mandalorian from the Disney Plus series along with Baby Yoda. Along with the new characters, players will have new areas of the map to explore, weapons to use and more content to unlock throughout the season. 


The new Fortnite update is v15.00 which launches a brand new season for Battle Royale. Right now, we don’t know much regarding the theme of the season apart from the fact that it’s a continuation from this seasons story line based on the ending of the event.

What is season 5’s theme?

Zero Point centers on Agent Jones, who made an appearance at the end of the Nexus War event. He gathered a group of hunters from different realities, and they’re making sure no one escapes the Loop. New points of interest on the season 5 map such as Hunter’s Haven and Colossal Coliseum will pit players against one another to see who survives. 

Season 5 will introduce new quests and bounties with players receiving bars as their rewards, which can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities. There’s also a new Battle Pass that unlocks unique skins such as Mancake the fighting flapjack, Mave the shapeshifter and of course, The Mandalorian with Baby Yoda. 

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