Anime that Began the Civilization from Scratch.

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The anime that I’m mentioning is Dr Stone, basically this anime an isekai (means that reincarnated to another world) but not reincarnated but start over all the human technology. The mamga was written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by South Korean artist Boichi. This was published at Shueisha’s weekly Shonenen Jump in 2017.

This anime follows a young brilliant scientist named Senku trying to bring back human civilization after being petrified for 3700 years with his friend Taijuu and Yuzsaria (his schoolmates).but, then Senku came back to life, then he began to revive his best friend Taijuu. Then they began try to make the potion to purify everyone beginning with Yuzsaria (Taijuu’s crush). All animes have their bad guy so in this one, Tsukasa the strongest man on the earth is the bad guy. He was introduced as a nice guy but his intentions were different from Senku’s. He wanted to create a future without elders. Thus began the conflicts between the two. The story is far more interesting than I mentioned, rather than spoiling the story check it out. Recently it got a second season last winter, without spilling the story, it was an absolutely blast with the all wars going back and forth between Tsukasa and Senku.

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Now going to the science side of this anime, it is brilliant. At some point, Senku made cola named “Senku’s Cola” which is by the way it is possible to make them in real life and actually taste like Coca  Cola. And that isn’t the only thing he made from scratch, he made things like ramen, cotton candy and also he made a cure for pneumonia from the scratch. And it is so interesting to watch he make all these things step by step. In from a scientific standpoint Senku built and an entire generations of civilizations within few years. The comedy factor of this anime is the reason that this anime is still a banger. After watching a lot of animes like this, I can say that it is very educational and fun to watch at the same time even you don’t know science.


Is Dr Stone actually good?

Dr stone is an good anime series of course there are others which are better. It is an 8/10 for me. The SCIENCE used in the anime is very accurate.

How old is senku?


Is Dr Stone anime worth watching?

Getting the good out of the way, the art in this manga is great – it just looks so clean and pleasing on the eye. … The amount of research that goes into some of the science they use is probably insane.

Is Dr Stone Season 2 good?

STONE season 2 doesn’t disappoint. One of the big problems with season one was that, while it started strong, it quickly fell in both production quality and pacing

Is senku an atheist?

It turns out that Senk is an atheist or doesn’t believe in God. This is shown in chapter 60 in the manga, exactly after he heard a recording made by his father 3700 years ago.