Not all heroes wear capes they wear masks

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Since the pandemic seems like lasting for some time and since the situation is getting worse every day, masks will be an essential item to survive this deadly pandemic. Seeing that most of us feel uncomfortable wearing the blue surgical mask cause of its texture, as it feels itchy  to some people and uncomfortable to breathe this article will provide both genders to blend 

masks into your looks and outfits. Though the surgical masks are proved to be more protective than the fabric masks, the same level of protection and a more level of comfort can be obtained by choosing a material that is comfortable, by going on with a mask that fits the texture of your face, with elastics that are adjustable and most importantly by choosing masks with linings to filter dusts and germs.  

Use basic colours rather than printed fabrics  

how to choose good face mask

Nothing can go wrong with a black mask as it suits any coloured outfit. Using masks with printed fabrics can distract your outfit and will give a sophisticated overall look.  

Use a quality fabric 

fabric face mask

Since most of us are sewing our own masks or buying the ones that are sewed rather than buying surgical masks, always chose masks with a quality fabric in order to not ruin the quality of your  outfits

Harmonize with the outfit 

Match Your Face Mask to Your Outfit

Though nowadays most brands sell masks that is sewed with the same fabric as the outfit, it is easier to incorporate them into your look. If a fabric  as same as the outfit cannot be found always go with a basic cotton or wool  masks as same color as the outfit

Make it darker than the rest 

This will make your masks an accessory as the rest and this suits looks which are both casual and  professional. By choosing a mask that is darker than the rest of your outfit you can make the mask  stand out as a modern accessory. 

Use a slight pattern 

dark color face mask

This is only suitable if the outfit is plain, simple and when we want to give the mask much more concentration than the rest of the outfit.

Make your eyes distinct 

Since the lower part of the face is covered and the eyes are the only visible feature of the face, y’all can make the eyes stand out by matching the masks to your eye colours. For instance, brown-eyed people can go ahead with either brown or gold masks. And since only eyes are visible,  concentrate on the eye makeup and just as a matter of fact your lipstick cannot be seen by anyone, it can only ruin your mask.

Since most of us are having controversial ideas of wearing masks hope these tips will help y’all have some fun blending masks to your looks. Since the pandemic might last for a while because of the irresponsible behavior of most of us putting some effort and thought into wearing a mask is worth the shot.