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Shanelle Perera
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The Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia”, one of the widely watched series across the globe for its thrilling plot of a teenage girl, Ginny, and her family craving to settle down peacefully after so many years on the run switching places to start up fresh. The trends of the cast caught the attention of many fans opening their eyes to the wardrobe ideas that anyone can simply stun.

Norah’s ribbed cut tee  

In the episode “it’s a face, not a mask” Norah’s pink ribbed tee opens the eyes for the possibilities of matching the pink tee with either white or blue trousers

Velvet pants of Georgia  

Though velvet was known to add glamour to outfits and though most folks use velvet tops and  skirts simply to look elegant, who would have thought a velvet trouser can give so much of an  elegant look

Georgia miller’s floral off-shoulder top  

Georgia miller stunned the floral off-shoulder top with her denim and it also possible to wear it  with a skirt or trousers of the same material  

Cynthia’s yellow printed blouse  

Cynthia appeared in one episode with a leaf printed blouse while trotting out the fans the  possibility of wearing it with black trousers or simply white trousers to make the details of the top  prominent

Daisy blouse of Maxine  

The daisy blouse worn by Maxine underneath her jumpsuit sets out a casual and easy look we  all long for and it can even be suited with a pair of denims and sneakers

Black maxi dress of Georgia  

It was evident for the fans about Georgia’s unique and ravishing taste in fashion when Georgia  Miller first appeared with a maxi dress and an oversized hat on her husband’s funeral

Floral pants of Maxine  

Maxine’s floral pants she wore with her pink crop top opens up the possible options of wearing floral pants with any plain top. 

Georgia’s black dress  

Georgia’s black dress with gold sandals was jaw dropping with no doubt  

The yellow skirt of Maxine  

The printed floral skirt of Maxine opens up the ideas of stunning any floral skirt with any plain top  (especially white would do) 

Georgia’s long sleeve top

The long-sleeved daisy top with denim of young Georgia is a common teenage look brought into  life through the series  

Abby’s jacket  

Abby rocked the floral jacket with her denims and it also exposes the possibilities of stunning the  jacket even with a frock  

Georgia’s jumpsuit  

Georgia miller stunned the look of her white jumpsuit with her oversized black hat  

The sweatshirts with denim  

Throughout the series, Ginny simply rocked the sweatshirts and denim fad we all desire   

Black tied tee with denims  

Ginny’s black tied tee with her denims give the fans the impetus to look casual just with an  oversized tee, sneakers and a pair of denims  

Maxine’s Pink jacket  

A plain tube top with any colourful jacket is a look that is inspired by Maxine’s pink jacket  

Georgia’s Sweatpants and tank top  

The sweatpants and tank top, a relaxing outfit worn by Gregoria Miller which was not a frequent  look she was spotted during the series, but it is obviously a quarantine look we all desiderate   

Georgia Miller’s jackets  

Hands down young Georgia owned the coolest jackets

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