Who will voice Rick and Morty for Season 7 After Roiland’s Departure

Future of "Rick and Morty" Uncertain after Justin Roiland's Exit

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The fate of the hit animated series “Rick and Morty” is in question after the abrupt departure of co-creator and voice actor, Justin Roiland. Fans are left wondering who will replace Roiland as the voice of the titular characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, and if the show will continue past its seventh season.

Roiland provided the voice for both Rick and Morty, so the roles will need to be recast. As of yet, no new voice actors have been announced, leaving fans to speculate who could fill the void. Some possible options include current cast members, such as Chris Parnell, or a completely new actor.

Who will voice Rick and Morty for Season 7 After Roiland's Departure

The challenge for Adult Swim, the network that produces the show, will be to find a voice actor who can accurately emulate Roiland’s iconic vocal styles for Rick and Morty. One option is to have a professional voice actor imitate Roiland’s performances, which would provide continuity for fans but carry the risk of being seen as a poor imitation. On the other hand, giving a new actor the opportunity to put their own spin on the characters could result in a fresh take, but it will require fans to accept the change.

Recasting roles in the middle of a show is not an uncommon occurrence in the entertainment industry. For example, Don Cheadle took over the role of War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Terrance Howard was fired, and Mila Kunis replaced Lacey Chabert as Meg in “Family Guy” after the first season.

Roiland’s departure from “Rick and Morty” came as a result of a recent domestic abuse charge against him in Orange County, California. Roiland has since plead not guilty and his attorney has stated that the coverage of the case has been inaccurate. Studios frequently sever ties with actors who become embroiled in controversy, as seen with Johnny Depp’s departure from Warner Bros. in 2020.

Despite the loss of its main voice actor and co-creator, “Rick and Morty” is expected to continue. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources have indicated that the show will proceed with new voice actors and that co-creator and co-showrunner Dan Harmon will take on the role of sole showrunner. Additionally, the series has a secure future as Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes in 2018, with less than half having been produced to date, and the show is currently contracted until season 10.